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Day Trips and Tours in and around Kathmandu

Our one day sightseeing tour experience will overload all your senses with an amazing range of sights, smells and sounds from this bustling city. Kathmandu one day tour offers small group walking, temple, cultural and sightseeing tours that uncover what makes our city tick. Discover Kathmandu with an experienced operator providing guided sightseeing Tour for those with limited time.


Kathmandu Day Tour

This one day tour to Kathmandu valley will give you immense satisfaction with its unique cultural and the importance it possess

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Kathmandu Uncovered with Nagarkot

Our one day trip is planned in a way that you don’t miss the most important feature of visiting Nagarkot which is sunrise

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One Day Biking Trip

Kathmandu valley offers the best and amazing experiences of day tour options for all levels of riders

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Jamacho Day Hike

At the top of a hill in Shivapuri National Park, there is a Buddhist shrine called Jamacho Gumba.

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