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Best Helicopter Flight Rate
We gurantee lowest rate for any of the resuce service flight in Nepal. We are reputed for making all sort of arrangements required for the Helicopter related service. Please contact us for the best posssible rescue rate, anywhere any time in Nepal.

Anytime Anywhere in the Himalayas

  • Emergency evacuation and field rescue 
  • Evacuation to the best Travel hospital of the country
  • We bring you home to safety
  • 24 hours update, response and corporation
  • We guarantee lowest rate for any RESCUE flight in Nepal


Rescue & Evacuation Services

Ace the Himalaya provides the finest Medical assistance, Evacuation and Security services for travelers, Expatriates and Corporations.

One might face lots of difficulties especially while traveling in the Himalayas. One needs to be prepared earlier if your upcoming destination is this mountainous land. You may suffer from various health problems, injuries and even altitude sickness and need a prompt medical attention.

We arrange rescue and evacuation service anywhere in the Himalayas for our clients and to all people including expedition team or trekkers who fall sick or suffer an injury during expedition/trekking and/or health condition requiring urgent medical attention and care. We as a responsible travel and tour operator have enough experience about the geography and types of accidents that might occur during your trek. During our span of more than 50 operations, we have handled every rescue operation with great results. Here are the two main operations that we have conducted in the past.

Search and Rescue operation from Mt. Dhaulagiri camp III

The operation was conducted for Dario Baracali, an Argentine national missing from Dhaulagiri Camp III. In spite of adverse weather condition in the region, the search operation was conducted with great enthusiasm for consecutive 8 days. The rescue team, led by well trained Sherpas from Ace the Himalaya along with the Himalayan rescue association members, was sent in a fishtail chopper to the base camp. The helicopter evacuation of Christian Vitri and Guillermo from Italy was made on the second day of the operation and the rescue team had an opportunity to discuss with them, about the circumstances leading up to the disappearance of Dario Baracali. The team was able to collect the entire items and belongings from camp 3 and concluded that Mr. Bracali had possibly fallen into one of the deadly crevasses during his solo climb with very basic safety equipment. In spite of the bad weather condition, Ace the Himalaya with other rescue association members conducted the operation swiftly and didn’t panic for a second to come up with proper operation.

Search and Rescue operation from Langtang Region

The operation was conducted in the Langtang region by Ace the Himalaya for Michael Barbenec, who during his trek happened to bust his tail and hip bones. This was a very challenging rescue operation for the team because of the geographical difficulties and night. The team left to Syabrubesi on a 4wd jeep and had to walk to Pahire were Mr. Barbenec was trapped. In spite of all the geographical difficulties and bad condition, the team managed to bring down Mr. Barbenec on a stretcher to Syabrubesi. A fishtail helicopter arranged for the operation by Ace the Himalaya was ready to fly Michael back to Kathmandu for the emergency medical attention. This was one of the hardest rescue operations amidst the condition and was conducted professionally by the well experienced rescue team.

Till date we have handled more than 50 rescue missions of various kinds including search operations, Helicopter rescue,transportation and medical evacuation.

If you/ your family members and any other are missing or trapped or suffering from high altitude sickness in the Himalayas or any where during your trip, Ace The Himalaya is ready to handle your search mission. We are always on our toes to conduct rescue operations to those in need and assure you that we operate 24/7 and use Sherpa’s with technical rescue skills always ready to go even at higher altitude of 8000 m and above.

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