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Ace the Himalaya is an idea, that to share with the world the passion of travelling through the woods, over crevasses, along the laps of enormous mountains, and the challenge of seeking the thrill of visiting places where no roads lead and no one but the most adventurous dare to tread.

Ace the Himalaya is a trekking and adventure sports agency based in Nepal serving to provide first-class adventure and holiday experience in the Himalayas. The company was established by Prem K Khatry in early 2006 with rather humble beginnings. Born in a remote village, surrounded by lush forest and an endless chain of hills, Khatry was inspired to start a career in travelling as a trekking Sherpa then eventually as a guide. With years of experience and enough know-how of the field, Khatry founded Ace the Himalaya.

Since its founding, Ace has steadily grown by constantly innovating its products and services based on market changes.

Change comes with great opportunity which Ace has always been ready and willing to embrace. Owing to our past, our passion and our performance, the company's authorized sales representatives and partners in nearly thirteen countries today. We have proudly served about 2,000 trekking groups in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan to date. More than 40 experienced and enthusiastic staff members at Ace will make sure that the clients receive the best service and attention throughout their stay.


About Us


Ace the Himalaya offer a wide variety of tours and trips that cover all types of adventure activities.
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Meet the Team


Travel with Ace the Himalaya, and you'll find the most experienced and friendly team members!
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Why Us?


We are proudly dedicated to providing expert guidance throughout each stage of your holiday.
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Our Fleets


We are one of the few companies that uses its own fleet to maintain service of high standard.
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Legal Document


We are well-known government licensed trekking and touring company in Nepal. Please find the details of government licenses and authorities that Ace the Himalaya holds.
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Ace Affliation


Ace the Himalaya is associated with various national and international based governmental and non- governmental organizations.
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Tailor-Made Departures


With years of experience in organizing itineraries we can adjust and design tours to suit your specific dates and needs.
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Family Holidays


Our family holidays operate throughout the year at times when it may be easier to travel with children.
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Ace the Himalaya fully supports as well as works closely with the social organization Sambhav Nepal Foundation. On a yearly basis, a portion of the proceeds from our company's revenue goes directly towards Sambhav's projects.
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