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Why Ace the Himalaya ?

Our experiences are remarkably authentic. Guests won’t feel like they’re on a rigid tour, but rather have the ability to explore and experience the true nature of the destination. We help our guests choose from varied itineraries only those routes which allow them to soak up the atmosphere, visit ancient heritages, get up close and personal with pristine cultures and step inside to experience life as the “mountain people”. We go the extra mile to ensure that those who travel with us receive nothing less than the best service and feel a sense of comfort as they become a part of our family. 

We’ve been around long enough to know our clients’ needs, expectations and what it takes to pull off the trip of a lifetime! No matter what your idea of the perfect adventure trip is, Ace the Himalaya will leave no stone unturned to help you get the most out of this exotic country.


We employ a range of dedicated and professional staff from administration, expert guides, porters to airport representatives they are all local people and each of them are employed on a full time basis with Ace the Himalaya. We are the locals and have been working in the tourism field for many years. Our journeys offer great value for money. We encourage you to evaluate the quality and inclusions that our holidays offer and you will discover that Ace the Himalaya really does supply the ultimate adventure experience.

Our trip prices are more reasonable compared to those of many larger companies. It is not because we sacrifice our service level. Many international companies will take anything from one third to three quarters of trip profits, by being 100% locally operated we are able to keep our prices reasonable and all trip proceeds support the local economy directly.

We might be a bit expensive than some other local companies operating in the same market niche but the major reason behind that is the  legit service quality that Ace the Himalaya provides. The service quality which majorly  comprises of various factors like your accommodations, food & meals, transportation facilities, experienced trek & tour guides, safety measures, insurance policy for our employees and the design of very flexibly worked out itineraries plays an important role in pricing our genuine Holiday packages. Hence we don’t compromise our service by cutting of quality which most of the local companies seems to be doing to stay intact in this competitive niche of tourism industry.


Ace the Himalaya greatly cares for health and safety of our clients as well as team. All our staff members are insured. For health and safety of our clients, we give much priority to everything, from hygienic food to high altitude sickness cure; from first aid to helicopter rescue.

We are one of the reputed company in the field of rescue operation and has been conducting various successful rescue operations for past few years. Ace the Himalaya is always on its toes when it comes to safety measures and precautions, to enhance the communication in the mountains we have satellite phones carried by our trek leaders and even use a GPS device like In Reach to locate your position during your trek. 

Ace the Himalaya team are fully trained in the following health and safety aspects:

  • We provide fresh, hygienically prepared food on all our trips also catering to any particular diet requirements or food allergies
  • First aid procedures
  • Safety while mountain climbing
  • High altitude sickness
  • Monitoring all aspects of government polices and weather that may affect your trip
  • 24/7 communication (Satellite Phone)
  • In reach GPS Device for tracking your progress during the trek
  • Helicopter rescue

Leading small groups contributes to the organization of our tours in a productive way. You are guaranteed that while traveling with our team you are sure to feel like one of our family

  • We are attentive to your individual needs
  • We are able to answer any questions while trekking and touring in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India.
  • With each of our trips it includes some free time for you to explore and do as you please
  • All our groups are smaller which avoids making a negative impact on the environment

When you have chosen us as your partner for travel, you’re also giving us an opportunity to take a great care of your Tour. We at Ace the Himalaya take it as our duty, responsibility, opportunity and priority.


Our professional, dedicated and highly motivated team are always at hand to make certain that every aspect of your journey is heart-warming and rewarding. These are just some of the ways that enhance your experience:

  • International standard of service
  • Flexibility to accommodate any requirements
  • We meet our clients at the airport upon arrival to ensure hassle free transfer to your hotel and even drop you to the airport for your final departure.
  • We build strong partnerships with our service providers to ensure quality
  • We use local leaders, guides and porters on all our tours and treks
  • We make the quality of service you receive unmatchable and worth every penny
RECOMMENDED BY INDEPENDENT TRAVELERS has rated us 5, which is a top rate, based on the views and ratings by the independent visitors and travelers from all around the world. Click the image to look at the certifiates of excellence provided by

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Most of our popular trips have the guaranteed departure dates in basis of small group but if our set departure dates are not convenient to your need you have the option of Private departure by selecting your own convenient date. These types of departure are best suited for couples, families and to the one looking for private trip. We can organize the private trip for all kinds of group and individual. All our set tour itineraries are also available to be run as private departures.


If you are not able to find the perfect tour from our website then why not let our dedicated sales staffs help. With years of experience in organizing itineraries we can adjust and design tours to suit your specific dates and needs.

We'll provide individual quotes based upon your itinerary, requirements, time of travel, budget and group size and help you with any group briefings during the planning stage.

Your entire holiday is designed around your requirements, explore your interests at your own speed, select your preferred style of accommodation and create the perfect trip with the help of our specialists.


Ace the Himalaya appreciates the hard work our guides and porters perform, without them no trip would be possible. Therefore we treat and obey the following Guide and Porter Policy to ensure the working conditions of our guides and porters are of a humane and fair standard. We continue to strive towards eliminating avoidable illness, injury and death. We ask that you follow our guidelines for ethical trekking and treat them as you would like to be treated yourself, after all they are only human.

  • All our guides and porters receive medical coverage care when ill or injured
  • We provide basic accommodation to our guides and porters, with tents and/or sleeping gear during the trek. 
  • We have insurance policies for each of our employees
  • We provide appropriate clothing for each season and altitude, ensuring protection from cold, rain and snow. This means windproof jackets, trousers, fleece jackets, long johns, suitable footwear, socks, hat, gloves and sunglasses.
  • We never overload our porters, for us it's not all about making money. We thrive on being able to employ local people; we respect and treat each and every one them as we would expect to be treated with the up most respect.

We support Porters' Progress Nepal, an organization that oversees the welfare of porters and guides. Click to view the certificate.


Responsible tourism is very much imperative as it becomes a responsibility of each and every individual within the tourism sector. We encourage programs and frequently participate and/or initiate clean up campaigns to promote awareness as well as maintaining a clean and healthy living environment. We as a responsible organisation has been conducting various  community support and welfare programs. Click the link to know more about our Corporate Socail Responsiblity.


Our eco green practices continue to deliver improved ways of traveling, by minimizing our impact on the environment. With each and every one of our treks or tours we are always conscious of the impact that we have on the environment and limit our group numbers to a maximum of 15 at any one time.

Here are just a few main environmental policies that we follow:

  • At the office we run energy saving bulbs and turn off any unnecessary electricity. Each night we switch off all power sources, including computers at the power point.
  • As conscious business owners we have minimized our paper output by creating online brochures and e-newsletters.
  • For camping, we use gas for cooking and heating purposes to protect the forest. This eliminates wood fires and reduces gas emissions.
  • Rubbish is placed in bins provided, unless at high altitudes where the rubbish is disposed at the nearest facility, whether in a town or in a hotel.
  • We ask trekkers and tour groups remove unnecessary packaging and store items in reusable containers.
  • We leave the campsites in better condition that when we found them, free of rubbish.
  • We don't pollute water sources with soap or rubbish wastage.
  • Each of our employees minimizes the water usage by sparingly using water while bathing.
  • We request that our clients bring water containers to re-use for boiled/treated water instead of buying bottled water while trekking in remote areas and at high altitudes.

As you are traveling to gain an insight into the Himalayan existence, we ask that you observe and respect the local way of life, after all this is what you have come to experience. Our clients are given a guideline to follow of the acceptable behaviors and practices throughout each country. We also ask that you adhere to the following listed.

  • Begging is one of the harsh realities of poverty in this country; most communities and Ace the Himalaya believe it should not be encouraged. Please don't hand out pens, sweets, chocolate or anything else as this only encourages the children at every opportunity to beg, which we, of course, do not endorse. Please Contact us if you are interested in suppporting any community or schools. You can find in detail about our support to sambhav nepal's community support project in
  • You should be conservative in your dress code as locals do get offended by the sight of tourists wearing tight fitting, skimpy clothes. Shorts, singlets are not advisable at any time and must not be worn to visit monasteries, dzongs and other religious institutions. These are offensive to locals, especially women. Nudity is completely unacceptable for local cultures.
  • You will have many photo opportunities, please ask if it is ok to take someone's photo. Photography in, monasteries, shrine rooms of dzongs and religious institutions are generally not permitted but outdoor photography is allowed. To be sure when visiting such places, ask your guide.
  • We do not believe in discriminating against any person because of their color, sex, religion, nationality, race, age or size.
  • Public displays of affection, even kissing and holding hands, is considered confronting and should not be done in public.

Ace the Himalaya fully supports as well as works closely with the social organization Sambhav Nepal Foundation. On a yearly basis, a portion of the proceeds from our company's revenue goes directly towards Sambhav's projects, more specifically to cover the maintenance expenses of the state-run Bhairabi School, Dharapani Shool, Sitala School along with 3 other schools in the remote Arupokhari village, northern Gorkha, Nepal.

The support which Ace the Himalaya provides reaches the most remote corners of the Himalayas and goes directly towards the projects for construction, renovation as well as refurbishment of the schools and the health posts in Gorkha. Join us and become a part of this support with Ace the Himalaya and Sambhav Nepal. We are always eager to serve the society together!

Ace the Himalaya has been directly involved in helping a few poorly equipped schools located in the remote Arupokhari village of the Gorkha district in northern Nepal.

Beside all these support, we recently became a part of the cause 'ALTITUDE FOR AUTISM 2012' at the Island Peak Expedition (6187 meters/20298ft), by Danny Jackson, Australian citizen for raising the fund for children with Autism in Australia.

Please see the following certificates provided to Ace the Himalaya for its support to the community.

 We are also engaged in programs to help the poor and deserving children of remote areas of nepal get quality education. To know more about the program please check the link: Child Sponsorship Program