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Mongar and Trashigang

Mongar and Trashigang

16 Days
  • Trip Detail at-a-Glance

  • Easy

    Just about anyone can participate in one of these holidays. Minimum walking time is 2 hours and maximum walking time is approximately 5 hours a day. By the time you walk around a number of historical sites you’ll be surprised at how quickly the time passes. You do have the chance to take your time and there are plenty of places where you can rest if needed.


  • Trip Code: ATH328
  • Country Visited: Bhutan
  • Trip Start: Paro
  • Trip Ends: Paro
  • Trip Route: Paro-Thimpu-Wangdue-Gangtey-Bumthang-Mongar-Trashigang-Bunthang-Wangdue-Thimpu-Paro
  • Trip Style: Guided Sightseeing and Festival tour
  • Activity: Festival Tours
  • Max. Altitude:
    3,400 m /11152 ft
  • Group Size: Min. 1 pax pax
  • Activity Per Day: Approximately 3 to 6 hrs of guided activities per day
  • Trip Category: Bhutan Festival Tour
  • Trip Highlight

    • Sightseeing in Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, Bumthang, Wangdue, Gangtey, Khaling.
    • Taktsang Monastery (The Tiger's Nest)
    • Mongar and Trashigang Festival activities

Mongar (1,700m) is the headquarters of the district of the same name and is little more than a stopping place between Bumthang and Trashigang, A tourist guest house offers basic amenities, a good view encompassing a large area and a lovely garden. Monger is also the first town in the mountains that is situated on a hillside rather than a valley.

Trashigang (1,150m) is the biggest urban center in the mountains, after Thimphu. The administrative and economic hub of Bhutan's most populous region, Trashigang is known for its woodwork and weaving. Trashigang also has an impressive dzong, from which the town takes its name. Built on spur in 1656 - 1659, overlooking the Gamri River, 400m below, its name aptly translates as "fortress of the auspicious mountain".

Itinerary Overview- 2016

  • November 30- Arrival at Paro (by Druk Air) and drive to Thimphu. Overnight at a hotel.
  • December 01- Thimphu sightseeing. Overnight at a hotel.
  • December 02- Thimphu to Wangdue. Overnight at a hotel.
  • December 03- Wangdu to Gangtey. Overnight at a hotel.
  • December 04- Gangtey to Bumthang. Overnight at a hotel.
  • December 05- Bumthang sightseeing. Overnight at a hotel.
  • December 06- Bumthang to Mongar. Overnight at a hotel.
  • December 07- Mongar Festival. Overnight at a hotel.
  • December 08- Mongar to Trashigang. Overnight at a hotel.
  • December 09- Trashigang Festival. Overnight at a hotel.
  • December 10- Day excursion to Khaling. Overnight at a hotel.
  • December 11- Trashigang to Bumthang. Overnight at a hotel.
  • December 12- Bumthang to Wangdue. Overnight at a hotel.
  • December 13- Wangdue to Thimphu. Overnight at a hotel.
  • December 14- Excursion to Taktshang Monastery then drives to Paro. Overnight at a hotel.
  • December 15- Departure from Paro

The above information is a guide and standard template of what we provide. Our trip can be customized at your request to accommodate your specific requirements.

NOTE: During the trip; weather, local politics, transport or a multitude of other factors, that are beyond our control can result in a change of itinerary. It is, however, very unlikely that the itinerary would be substantially altered; if alterations are necessary the leader will decide what is the best alternative, taking into consideration the best interests of the whole group. Where a change does occur, we do everything we can to minimize its effect, but we cannot be responsible for the results of changes or delays.

Book Bhutan Trip as early as possible
Druk Air, Bhutan’s national airline is the only airline to entre and exit Bhutan. The Druk air flight tickets sold out two to eight months in advance. We recommend you reserve your Bhutan trip as early as possible, so we can secure these flights for you.

What makes this trip different ?

Ace the Himalaya works closely with and is one of the main supporters of Sambhav Nepal Foundation, a non-political and non-profit social organization. We contribute our support to the remote village of Arupokhari (Gorkha, Nepal) through donation, sponsorship and partnership in various projects.

Ace the Himalaya donates a percentage of business profits to the foundation on a yearly basis, which supports the ongoing maintenance cost required for Bhairabi Primary school, a community-based school in Arupokhari (plus few other schools in the region).

One of the major activities of Sambhav Nepal is the children sponsorship program, which is conducted with full collaboration with Ace the Himalaya.

Partnership (Volunteering Program)
The Arupokhari Volunteer Program, devised by Ace the Himalaya and Sambhav Nepal, aims to mobilize teams of experts and interested individuals as an effective and economic measure in providing the human capital for education, health and community development in  Arupokhari village of Gorkha district, western Nepal.

For more details, visit Sambhav Nepal's website