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Everest Base Camp Biking Tour

Everest Base Camp Biking Tour

21 Days
  • Trip Detail at-a-Glance

  • Biking Tough

    This tour is rated tough and is for seasoned cyclists in good physical form.

    This should only be undertaken by those with some previous mountain biking experience. You should be physically fit to tolerate the effects of higher altitudes as you ascend over 5,000m which involve some steep climbing against head winds. Biking at this level lasts for several weeks. The picturesque views of the mountains, serene lakes and ancient settlements are sure to reward you on this tough trip.

    Biking Tough

  • Trip Code: ATH345
  • Best Season: March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
  • Country Visited: Nepal, Tibet
  • Trip Start: Kathmandu
  • Trip Ends: Kathmandu
  • Destination: Lhasa and Everest Base Camp
  • Trip Route: Kathmandu–Nagarkot–Lhasa-Potala Palace–Shigatse- Lhatse–Everest Base Camp– Nyalam–Dhulikhel-Kathmandu
  • Trip Style: Cycling the Tibetan and Nepali Friendship Highway with overnight stay at hotel and basic teahouse.
  • Activity: Mountain Biking
  • Max. Altitude:
    5,220 m /17121.6 ft
  • Group Size: Min. 2 pax pax
  • Activity Per Day: Approximately 4 to 8 hrs cycling per day
  • Trip Category: Mountain Biking
  • Trip Highlight

    • Hugely rewarding mountain biking in the Roof of the World, in arguably some of the most serene environments imaginable
    • Sightseeing in Kathmandu and Lhasa
    • Stunning flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa
    • Tasting exotic food like Yak cheese and butter tea in Tibet
    • Interacting with pilgrims and monks
    • Riding through high passes, including the Gyatso-La Pass (5,220m)
    • Longest down hill biking (on paved road) in the world
    • Visiting the Everest Base Camp and base of the Everest North Face via Rongbuk Valley
    • A farewell dinner at a typical Nepali restaurant on the day before departure to celebrate our trip success

One of the most remote regions in the world, the cycling pilgrimage from Lhasa in Tibet, to Kathmandu in Nepal will quite possibly be a ‘life changing’ journey through time, scenery and physical demands. Our fully-supported mountain bike tour takes us along the Friendship Highway to the ‘Roof-Top of the World’, Everest Base Camp, and takes in the world’s 2nd longest descent, and the former home of the Dalai Lama.

Starting in Lhasa at 3,650m, we traverse 1,100km over 5 panoramic passes exceeding 4,500m, finishing in the Kathmandu Valley where the oxygen is rich and the lands fertile. Depending upon your individual tastes and strengths, we’ll average 70 km/day on our bikes. Our support vehicle is always available if you would rather take a day off the saddle. The terrain is 80% tarmac road and 20% non-technical off-road.

This expedition is for adventurous cyclists wishing to immerse themselves in Tibetan culture with a backdrop of ethereal views of the Tibetan plateau. On our journey through amazing Himalayan scenery, we visit some of the most significant monasteries of the region and come to understand the deep connection between Tibetan culture, religion and the mountains.

This tour includes an experienced bike guide cum mechanic fluent in English, equipment vehicle carrying all our personal equipment, cyclist support vehicle, and a bike mechanic with all the spares needed.

Itinerary Overview

  • Day 01- Arrive in Kathmandu, Nepal (1,340m). Overnight at Hotel
  • Day 02- Pre-trip meeting and sightseeing around the Kathmandu valley. Overnight at Hotel.
  • Day 03- Ride from Kathmandu to Nagarkot via Bhaktaur (38km 2,168m). Overnight at Hotel.
  • Day 04- Ride back from Nagarkot to Kathmandu via Shanku (34km 1,340m). Overnight at Hotel.
  • Day 05- Fly from Kathmandu to Gonkar, then drive to Lhasa (3,650m). Overnight at Hotel.
  • Day 06- Ride around Lhasa for acclimatization and sightseeing. Overnight at Hotel.
  • Day 07- Drepung Monastery and Potala Palace sightseeing. Overnight at Hotel.
  • Day 08- Ride from Lhasa to Quxu (61km, 3,600m). Overnight at basic Teahouse/Guesthouse.
  • Day 09- Ride from Quxu to Nagarze (99km, 4,410m). Overnight at basic Teahouse/Guesthouse.
  • Day 10- Ride from Nagarze to Gyangze (105km, 4,020m). Overnight at Guesthouse.
  • Day 11- Ride from Gyangze to Shigatse (94km, 3,835m). Overnight at Guesthouse.
  • Day 12- Ride from Shigatse to Jidingzhen (75km, 3,905m). Overnight at basic Teahouse/Guesthouse.
  • Day 13- Ride from Jidingzhen to Lhatse (70km, 4,050m). Overnight at Guesthouse.
  • Day 14- Ride from Lhatse to Tingri/Xegar (74km, 4,320m), via Gyatso La Pass (5,220m). Overnight at basic Teahouse/Guesthouse.
  • Day 15- Ride from Tingri to Rongbuk (5,000m), EBC (5,150m), and back to Rongbuk (55km). Overnight at basic Teahouse/Guesthouse.
  • Day 16- Ride from Rongbuk to Old Tingri (69km, 4,350m). Overnight at basic Teahouse/Guesthouse.
  • Day 17- Ride from Old Tingri to Menbuxiang (72km, 4,685m). Overnight at basic Teahouse/Guesthouse.
  • Day 18- Ride from Menbuxiang to Nyalam (97, 3,750m). Overnight at basic Teahouse/Guesthouse.
  • Day 19- Ride from Nyalam to Dolalghat (Nepal), drive or ride up to Dhulikhel (115km, 1,600m). Overnight at Hotel.
  • Day 20- Ride from Dhulikhel to Kathmandu via Bhaktapur and Thimi (35km 1,340m). Overnight at Hotel.
  • Day 21- Transfer to the airport for your final flight departure

Please note that in this types of rides where you usually pedal along the whole trail without lift access or shuttle and don't need any extraordinary equipment to complete the ride. This means bikes are light, not too much travel in the suspension, and usually hard-tails (only front suspension). The terrain can be fairly rough, but not extreme. These trips require more endurance as well as some skills, depending on the region we offer, so can be enjoyed by riders of all levels. Vehicle support is provided where possible to make your journey safe and stress-free.

The above information is a guide and standard template of what we provide. Our trip can be customized at your request to accommodate your specific requirements.

NOTE: During the trip; weather, local politics, transport or a multitude of other factors, that are beyond our control can result in a change of itinerary. It is, however, very unlikely that the itinerary would be substantially altered; if alterations are necessary the leader will decide what is the best alternative, taking into consideration the best interests of the whole group. Where a change does occur, we do everything we can to minimize its effect, but we cannot be responsible for the results of changes or delays.

Important Note

If you happen to return back earlier due to high altitude sickness or any other reasons. You have to pay for all extra expenses like transport, group visa splitting charge, accomodation charge and medical expenses that occour while returning. There wont be any refund or adjustment from our comapny as the chinese government doesnt consider any refund or adjustment to us.

What makes this trip different ?

Ace the Himalaya works closely with and is one of the main supporters of Sambhav Nepal Foundation, a non-political and non-profit social organization. We contribute our support to the remote village of Arupokhari (Gorkha, Nepal) through donation, sponsorship and partnership in various projects.

Ace the Himalaya donates a percentage of business profits to the foundation on a yearly basis, which supports the ongoing maintenance cost required for Bhairabi Primary school, a community-based school in Arupokhari (plus few other schools in the region).

One of the major activities of Sambhav Nepal is the children sponsorship program, which is conducted with full collaboration with Ace the Himalaya.

Partnership (Volunteering Program)
The Arupokhari Volunteer Program, devised by Ace the Himalaya and Sambhav Nepal, aims to mobilize teams of experts and interested individuals as an effective and economic measure in providing the human capital for education, health and community development in  Arupokhari village of Gorkha district, western Nepal.

For more details, visit Sambhav Nepal's website